When ordering a water or wastewater tank, finding all the other parts for an installation can seem like a project in itself. Not with Xerxes! We want to make sure every installation is as complete and secure as possible whether it’s for a standard tank or a custom-designed tank. That’s why we offer a wide range of accessories and fittings so customers can easily have just what they need.   

No matter how large or small your project, look to us to complete your tank installation for all your water and wastewater applications.   

Ordering accessories shouldn’t be another project!

Typical accessories and fittings

  • FRP access openings and risers
  • Access riser lids – including hinged, lockable lids
  • Manways – including NSF-approved FRP flanged manways
  • Containment collars, sumps and covers – including watertight covers
  • Engineered anchoring systems – including…
    • Prefabricated deadmen
    • Anchoring straps
    • Turnbuckles and anchor points
  • Custom fittings – including NSF-approved FRP flanged fittings
  • Fiberglass nozzles
  • Anti-vortex plates
  • Baffle walls and weirs
  • Perforations for infiltration systems
  • Dry monitoring sensors
  • Low-level alarm systems
  • Inlet and outlet piping
  • Remote suction piping
  • Pump platforms
  • Ladders – including NSF-approved FRP ladders