Xerxes Rainwater tank

Fiberglass tanks provide secure, long-term underground storage

The numbers tell the story: 40+ years of tank design and manufacturing, 225,000+ tanks shipped, six North American manufacturing facilities — and a seventh in operation in 2024.

This all adds up to customers feeling confident when they work with us. Year after year, we prove ourselves to be the experts when it comes to highly engineered, premium fiberglass storage tanks that continue to meet the evolving needs of applications in the fuel and water markets.

Fuel Tanks

Xerxes fiberglass fuel tanks need no added coating or cathodic protection to make them corrosion-resistant with new biofuels and traditional fuels. Our 30-year limited warranty points to the strength of the inherent corrosion resistance of this composite material.

Water Tanks

Xerxes fiberglass tanks can be manufactured to meet a wide range of water storage applications. Because they are lightweight and easy to ship, they can be easily installed in any site, even remote locations and tight footprints. Single tank capacities range from 500 to 60,000 gallons.

Wastewater Tanks

In onsite, industrial and municipal wastewater systems, secure storage of corrosive wastewater is essential. Xerxes corrosion-resistant tanks provide watertight storage with no need for the added liners that require ongoing inspection and maintenance. Our wastewater tanks can be manufactured to comply with the IAPMO/ANSI Z1000 standard.

Interceptors & Separators

Our fiberglass interceptor and separator tanks are built to last. Unlike tanks made of other materials, they are inherently corrosion-resistant to both stored liquids and the surrounding soil. A Xerxes fiberglass tank provides a long-term solution whatever the need: grease interceptor, oil interceptor, oil-water separator, decontamination tank, or solids-sand tank.

Other Applications

Xerxes is ready to deliver both underground and aboveground storage solutions for numerous of markets and industries. Decades of composite design and manufacturing expertise positions us to be the solution no matter how challenging the project or site. Our knockout flare tanks are a perfect example of our capabilities.