Fiberglass provides secure underground storage of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

As technology evolves, Xerxes’ approach has always been to create new solutions to meet changing market needs. The increase in diesel vehicles equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emission systems posed a challenge: secure storage of DEF is increasingly needed for fuel providers.

Since DEF can’t be exposed to carbon steel, fiberglass is the ideal tank material for DEF storage. Unlike other materials, a fiberglass tank does not require protective coatings or linings, special equipment or costly maintenance. Because of DEF’s specific temperature requirements, space-saving underground storage has clear storage capacity and space savings advantages compared to aboveground alternatives. Another benefit in working with Xerxes is that our Truchek® hydrostatic monitoring system provides the added security of continual monitoring and tank-testing capability.

Tank materials and geometry create structural strength

  • Premium resin and glass-fiber reinforcement provide internal and external corrosion resistance
  • Cylindrical tank with rounded end caps is designed to withstand the stresses of underground storage.
  • Integrally manufactured fiberglass ribs function like I-beams that enhance tank strength.
  • Our patented 3D Parabeam® glass fabric bonds tank walls together for added strength.
  • Tank is designed to withstand H-25/HS-25 axle loads.

Xerxes tanks meet – or exceed – industry standards

A multicompartment tank is the most space-efficient way to store multiple fuel types and grades. Beside space, using one multicompartment tank rather than several smaller tanks needed to store the same fuels can also reduce:

  • Meets PEI/RP1100 requirements
  • Meets ISO 222241 requirements
  • Specifically tested for storage of urea DEF (AUS32) – both tank and accessory materials
  • Can be manufactured as an ANSI/CAN/UL/ULC 1316:2018-listed tank

Why choose a Xerxes DEF tank?

  • Tanks up to 12 feet in diameter shipped ready to store DEF
  • Complete range of accessories that meet DEF requirements – see Resources section for more information
  • Tank capacities up to 50,000 gallons
  • Designed to withstand surface H-25 and HS-25 axle loads,
  • 30-year limited warranty
  • Can be manufactured for later use as a fuel storage tank
  • Fiberglass containment sumps in a variety of sizes

Installation Made Simple

DEF Tanks Success Stories

Fuel Retailer - Texas, US

Shipping a tank ready to store DEF is a natural solution for major retailer

When a major fuel provider was looking for a DEF tank for a distributor, the clear choice for the Texas travel plaza project was a Xerxes fiberglass tank. The fuel retailer wanted to work with a company that had proven technical knowledge in fuel-product storage options. With East Texas temperature fluctuations, avoiding aboveground storage was a plus because DEF freezes when it’s stored below 12° F. Complicating things, when stored at temperatures above 77° F. for extended periods, DEF’s shelf life can be significantly reduced. Our DEF tanks dont require special equipment or maintenance to maintain optimal temperatures for the product. Another plus is that our tanks can be repurposed for other fuels in the future. That all provides valuable long-term flexibility to a tank investment. 

University Campus - Alabama, US

Replacing vehicle fleets often call for upgrading fuel storage

When a university in Alabama was replacing its old fleet with new buses that have SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology, they also needed to build a new bus facility and replace their aboveground fuel tank with underground tanks to store both diesel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). The engineering group designing the new facility saw only one option for the tanks: Xerxes double-wall tanks. Today, the 20,000-gallon diesel tank and the 8,000-gallon DEF tank service not only the new facility, but other service vehicles on campus, too.  

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