Obtain superior separation and secure storage with Xerxes technology

The inherent corrosion resistance of fiberglass has an added benefit in applications where water is mixed with oils or fuels in a tank. The Xerxes coalescing technology of our fiberglass oil-water separators (OWS) provides superior separation of oil and water. With our corrosion-resistant underground tank at the heart of our OWS design, internal components create a separator that removes free-floating oils and settleable solids from oil-water mixtures.  

Xerxes tanks meet – or exceed – industry standards

OWS with vertical-tube coalescing media –
available as UL 2215-listed model

OWS with coalescing plate technology
– available as CAN/ULC S656-listed model 

Why choose a Xerxes oil-water separator?

  • Designed to be 100% watertight 
  • Capacities from 600 to 30,000 gallons  
  • Single-wall and double-wall models 
  • Designed to withstand H-25 / HS-25 axle loads 
  • 30-year limited warranty 

Our two coalescing options provide superior separation

Using coalescing technology, which provides better separation and flow rates than same-sized gravity separators, our OWS tanks produce effluent quality to meet customer and regulatory requirements for water runoff. We have two equally effective coalescing options:

Vertical-tube coalescing media

Polypropylene vertical-tube matrix attracts small oil droplets. The oil-laden tubes provide additional surface area to attract more oil. Fiberglass clean-water collector and inlet diffuser direct flow and minimize turbulence, allowing for efficient separation. 

Coalescing plate technology

Corrugated polypropylene plates provide oil-droplet coalescing. The angled-plate pack system provides a maximum amount of coalescing surface area. With no moving parts, the coalescing pack can be cleaned in place and removed with lifting rods when full maintenance is needed. Customers can select the appropriate flow rate and spill capacity for their specific needs, making Xerxes tanks ideal for a variety of sites and applications, including vehicle repair garages, bulk fuel plants, truck stops and commercial parking lots. Performance of a Xerxes oil-water separator is enhanced with the addition of a liquid-level monitoring system to gauge the oil level.