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Choose Truchek® for maximum environmental protection

Truchek provides true continuous hydrostatic monitoring – 24/7 leak detection for both primary and secondary tank walls in both dry-hole and wet-hole conditions. Truchek’s successful leak-detection performance is based on its use in more than 100,000 tank installations over a period of more than 30 years.  

Our Truchek Hydrostatic Monitoring System provides continuous monitoring of a double-wall tank and avoids the expensive periodic testing of the tank’s interstice that can be required with passive monitoring. The technology also avoids the drawbacks of passive monitoring, which can have many limitations depending on the installation. Whether or not continuous monitoring is required, Truchek’s proven technology is effective in any fuel installation. 

Meets industry tank-tightness testing requirements 

Truchek meets both NFPA 329 and EPA’s criteria, and allows for two options for testing tank tightness. 

  • 10-hour test (tank not in use) with a 99% probability of detection and a 1% probability of false alarm – meets NFPA 329 criteria 
  • 4-hour test (tank in use) with a 95% probability of detection and a 5% probability of false alarm – meets EPA’s criteria 

Why choose Xerxes’ Truchek® system?

  • Dual-purpose functionality – leak detection and periodic tightness testing 
  • 24/7 continuous tank monitoring regardless of installation conditions 
  • Top monitoring choice for double-wall tanks 
  • Tank-tightness criteria verified by the National Work Group on Leak Detection Evalutaions (NWGLDE) 

How Truchek® Works

The interstice is factory-filled with an environmentally safe brine solution.  This creates a small hydrostatic pressure on both tank walls. The brine solution level is monitored within a reservoir on top of the tank.  Any change in level – either up or down – is monitored and alarmed. 

Primary-tank leak in wet hole or dry hole

Secondary-tank leak in dry hole

Secondary-tank leak in wet hole

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