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We help customers provide clean water where it’s needed

Xerxes fiberglass tanks make storing clean drinking water refreshingly simple. Health and safety requirements for drinking water systems can be complex, but sourcing a tank that meets them shouldn’t be. Xerxes tanks offer numerous material and design advantages that make them reliable, potable water storage tanks. Lightweight tanks make installation in remote areas easy and cost effective. Locations with remote water sources or low-performing wells, such as parks, campgrounds, private residences, schools, churches and subdivisions may all find solutions to their water needs with a fiberglass water tank. Our fiberglass tank can be manufactured as an NSF-listed (and labeled) tank for dual-use: providing both potable water and fire protection water. 

Xerxes tanks meet – or exceed – industry standards

  • Tanks manufactured that are NSF/ANSI-61 listing (Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects)
  • Manufacturing facilities that are NSF-certified

Why choose a Xerxes potable water tank?

  • Designed to be 100% watertight
  • Capacities from 600 to 60,000 gallons
  • Designed to withstand H-25 / HS-25 axle loads
  • Underground tank optimizes land use
  • 30-year limited warranty

Success Stories


Vineyard - British Columbia, Canada

Storing both potable water and fire protection water fits a winery’s environmental values

The owners of Phantom Creek Estates set out to create a new state-of-the-art winery in British Columbia. They wanted a winery that could compete with the best – not only in the wine it produced, but in every aspect of design and operation. The location, far from municipal water, required that they source their own fire protection water supply. The owners were not familiar with fiberglass tanks so our technology experts collaborated with the winery’s consulting engineers and contractors and customdesigned a system of three NSF 61-labeled tanks that would meet the site’s specifications. Our tanks fit the winery’s environmental values perfectly: our tanks store treated groundwater that can be used to store an ongoing supply of potable water for the winery’s restaurant and serve as an emergency water supply in the event of a fire.  

National Park - Montana, US

Meeting stringent environmental requirements is our speciality

Near Glacier National Park, Montana – known for its clean, clear water – concern about corrosion led homeowners at nearby Lakeview Park Estates to replace their existing steel potable water tank with Xerxes corrosion-resistant tanks. The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) requires that potable water tanks meet NSF Standard 61, including verification that leak testing be performed before shipping the tank. Not only does Xerxes meet those requirements, Xerxes has manufacturing facilities that are NSF-certified. Other DEQ requirements we easily meet are the availability of lockable, hinged and gasketed riser covers. Our lightweight fiberglass tanks were shipped easily and installed quickly, causing minimal disruption to the more than 40 families living in the development. So, once again Xerxes provided short-term saving to the customer and long-term value to the community. 

glacier national park montana