We started with a challenge to protect the environment.

From our first days as a brand, our expert engineers and sales teams responded to a market challenge: providing customers with products that would reliably and securely store liquids underground. In the 1970s, an urgent market need became clear. For decades, steel tanks had been used for underground storage of fuel, and all over North America corroding steel tanks were leaking fuel into the ground and groundwater.  

Xerxes engineers were among the first to recognize that fiber-reinforced glass used in designs by marine and aeronautical engineers could be the answer. As in many applications, underground storage requires the security that only corrosion-resistant products offer. And because fiberglass is a material that is inherently corrosion-resistant, from both stored liquids and surrounding soils, it seemed the obvious solution.   

From that day in 1979 forward, Xerxes has provided fiberglass underground fuel and water storage tanks to customers ranging from major oil companies to international convenience store chains, from medical centers to educational facilities, from airports to national parks. Everywhere people work and live – our tanks are helping to protect the environment. 

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Our latest product expansion continues the work.

In 2021, Xerxes proved once again that its mission is to innovate and deliver the technology necessary to respond to evolving market needs. With a growing awareness of the need to protect and manage our water resources, we introduced our line of stormwater products – HydroChain™ Stormwater Management Systems. Through partnerships with third-party manufacturers, our expert teams create site-specific solutions for our customers. Our advanced stormwater treatment components, thermoset stormwater chambers and other thermoplastic products are a natural expansion of our industry-leading fiberglass tanks.  

We proudly step into the future as part of the Mattr family of brands.

In 2019, Xerxes became part of Shawcor, a global energy and infrastructure technology company based in Toronto. In 2023, when the streamlined and repositioned company was renamed Mattr, Xerxes became a key brand of the new company whose mission is to innovate and deliver highly engineered products and systems that will create the critical infrastructure our world needs.  

How did Xerxes become a North American leader in underground composite systems?

  • Developed the first UL-listed double-wall fiberglass tank 
  • Offered our patented Truchek® hydrostatic monitoring system for double-wall tanks 
  • Incorporated our proprietary Parabeam® 3D glass fabric into our tank design for added strength  
  • Created the largest manufacturing capability of fiberglass tanks in North America 
  • Shipped more than 225,000 tanks to customers for fuel and water applications 
  • Introduced innovative technology to address growing needs for stormwater management