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For decades, we have worked to understand and address market needs. Our origins are in composite tanks, and today Xerxes® corrosion-resistant fiberglass tanks are recognized as a leading choice for underground fuel and water applications. Our newest HydroChain™ product line continues our tradition of serving customers’ needs. With increased regulations for stormwater management, we provide the solutions needed to protect and conserve our precious water resources.

20+ years

of treatment, infiltration and storage technologies for stormwater

40+ years

of fiberglass tank design and
manufacturing for fuel and water

Fuel, water and stormwater products

For everywhere you live and work

Our underground fuel and water tanks, and stormwater management products are designed and manufactured to meet – and exceed – industry standards. There’s no end to where they fit customers’ needs: convenience stores, airports, health care centers, shopping malls, commercial developments, industrial sites. And that’s just the start. The list of applications for our sustainable products is endless.

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Fuel Storage

Our corrosion-resistant tanks are compatible with all fuel products – both traditional fuel and new biofuels.

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Stormwater Management

Our HydroChain™ products offer a comprehensive system to manage water volumes, prevent water pollution and restore water quality.

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Water & Wastewater Storage

Our watertight tanks can be designed and manufactured for a variety of water and wastewater applications.

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Success Story: Napa Valley Winery

Helping a winery reuse 1.35 million gallons of water annually

When its leach field failed, the owners of a Napa Valley winery knew it was time to reconsider their wastewater system. A series of droughts resulted in increased water-use restrictions, which led California wineries to look for ways to treat and reuse wastewater. A Napa winery found the perfect match for their sustainability goals with customized Xerxes® tanks, with the added benefit of the complete corrosion resistance needed for the chemicals and varied pH levels contained in winery wastewater. From the first year of operation, it paid off, with the winery treating and reusing 1.35 million gallons of water – the amount of water they would have had to source from somewhere else. In the words of the winery manager: “Our water now has two life cycles.” That’s a success by all measures.

HydroChain Vortex Filter is NJDEP certified

Our Vortex Filter has been laboratory verified for removal of pollutants to standards set by the New Jersey Corporation of Advanced Technology (NJCAT).

Stormwater chambers add value for fuel customers

When planning their new stores, our long-time convenience store and retail fuel customers can now find what they need for stormwater management with with our new HydroChain™ products.

New team members needed at our facilities

We have openings at all our North American manufacturing facilities. Join us – apply today!

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