Maximize stormwater efficiency with pretreatment

Pretreatment makes every stage of treatment more efficient by removing solids, oil and grit from stormwater before it flows into other water-quality components, or into treatment tanks, chambers or vaults. HydroChainpretreatment products are available in different sizes and capacities, as detailed in our product data sheets. 

Prime Separator

Our Prime Separator captures trash, debris and floatables, and can be installed in concrete or fiberglass manholes. In addition to removing trash and debris, the hydrodynamic Prime Separator removes petroleum hydrocarbons, suspended solids and heavy metals.

Oil Interceptor

Using the principles of Stoke’s Law and a horizontal flow pattern, the Oil Interceptor provides high-efficiency performance for large volumes of stormwater, with oil rising to the top, and grit and sediment sinking to the bottom of the Xerxes fiberglass tank.

Oil-Water Separator (OWS) 

With a fiberglass corrosion-resistant tank at the heart of Xerxes oil-water separator (OWS) design, a polypropylene vertical-tube matrix removes free-floating oils and settleable solids from oil-water mixtures. This design can meet specific site requirements for flow rates, emergency spill and oil storage while meeting a minimum effluent quality of 10 ppm.

Why choose HydroChain pretreatment products?

  • Site-specific design by industry engineers 
  • End-to-end stormwater management 
  • Stringent quality control of manufacturing process 

Highly engineered products backed by decades of successful installations:

  • Storage tanks backed by 40+ years of fiberglass tank manufacturing  
  • Stormwater products backed by 20+ years of stormwater treatment technology 

Success Story

Manufacturing Facility - Ontario, Canada

Providing environmental benefits for the long term

A 2021 parking area expansion at one of our manufacturing facilities in Ontario included the addition of a stormwater system to collect, transmit, treat and dispose of runoff from a 37-acre catchment area within a 74-acre site. When considering options, engineers reviewed the testing and performance records of our Prime Separator and determined it would meet or exceed the requirements set by the project’s Environmental Compliance Approval issued by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE). The HCPS-4 model was easily installed in a 4-foot-diameter concrete manhole. The separator removes pollutants and contaminants before the runoff is discharged and flows ultimately into tributaries of a nearby lake. With a capacity in excess of site requirements, the system will provide environmental benefits for the long term.